3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
1 Kitchen
1 Laundry
1 Living Room
202 sqm

The Glasshouse COOLHOUSE features a glass living area has no walls to restrict views and sunshine.  The master bedroom has separation from the other bedrooms. Two further bedrooms and bathroom plus a garage complete this home. It’s the ultimate indoor-outdoor getaway.

Construction Estimate (price starting from) – $1,620,000
(Built On-site)

Optional Extras Available now


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Double Mint - New Design

Utilising the modular aspect of Coolhouse, the Double Decker is a Mint two bedroom design, with an additional two bedrooms on a second story.

4 Bedroom
4 Bathroom
Ground floor 126.3 sqm - Second floor 106 sqm

Cliffhanger - New Design

The Cliffhanger is the largest of the Coolhouses. Designed for steep slopes with an extra spacious living area to maximise views. There are multiple options for outdoor areas to accommodate sun, wind and views. If you are without a cliff, the ground floor design can be simply amended for flat sites.

3 Bedroom
2 Bathroom
First floor 225 sqm - Basement 106 sqm


The Boatshed features two sheds that are joined by a central outdoor living area. One shed is for living with kitchen, dining, lounge and laundry, and one is for sleeping with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The outdoor living room has a covered roof that can be separated from the outdoor dining area with sliding doors.

Living Room
3 Bedroom
157 sqm

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