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An idea whose time has come

July 14, 2015

Pamela Bell is the CEO of Prefab NZ. ‘Her organisation’s Value Case for prefabrication, produced with BRANZ and the Productivity Partnership last year, claimed that greater use of prefabrication can remove $25,000 to $40,000 from the cost of a standard home, mostly through savings.’ At Coolhouse, we can vouch for it. It’s no longer a method for dreary school buildings. Prefabrication is a building approach that ‘is capable of combining stylish design with highly efficient and accurate offsite manufacturing methods’.

As quoted by Bell, ‘”the number one advantage to using more prebuilt parts is about controlling quality, because you can do that better indoors than on site”‘. The article goes on to state: “Prefabrication basically means that a lot more stuff happens in the planning stage. The result is that the consumer ends up with a known quantity: known quality, known timeframe, known costs, sustainability and design.”


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