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December 7, 2017

Just as the name suggests, CoolHouse is in the business of making cool houses – contemporary, low-energy homes that harmonise with their surroundings.

When CoolHouse was established in 2012, the vision behind it was to create modern, architecturally-designed, Kiwi-style homes that satisfy the needs of Kiwi homeowners.

The result? A portfolio of comfortable, functional and innovative homes for clients to choose between; homes that harness the benefits of sustainable materials and practices, making them kinder on your pocket regarding ongoing running costs and easier on the environment.

“Kiwi homeowners are forward-thinking with an eye for simple, modern aesthetics and an interest in sustainability,” says architect and CoolHouse director, Darren Jessop.

For Darren, this means offering six standard build options, with a level of flexibility to tailor each build to the specific needs of both the homeowners and the physical site.

Furthermore, the designs have three levels of sustainability that can be applied to the structure to suit the owner’s preference – one of which is a fully passive house.

“The houses are intrinsically New Zealand throughout their design, made to blend into
our landscape and satisfy the needs of Kiwi homeowners,” he says. “The different levels of insulation also cater to all the climatic regions of New Zealand.”

Designed by the award-winning team at Jessop Architects, the far-from-standard ‘standard’ designs not only offer an affordable, modern design aesthetic, but also allow client’s to visualise the look and layout of the house right from the outset.

It’s this, coupled with very clear processes throughout every stage of design and build
– from consultation, design development, documentation, consenting, and finally liaising with head contractors for the establishment of a final tender price and contract to build – that leaves clients completely satisfied with not only their experience, but also the end result.

CoolHouse’s designs are built to last, exceeding current building standards, and CoolHouse as
a company is in it for the long haul too – its goal being to build up a nationally recognised housing brand that consumers will relate to for its intrinsic New Zealand theme and cutting-edge architectural design.

So before you go thinking that a modern, green and enviable home which compliments your lifestyle is out of your reach, give the team at CoolHouse a call. They’ll be happy to talk you through all your questions and propose the options that best suit your needs and budget.


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