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There are many reasons why COOLHOUSE is the smart alternative for your new home or bach – not least being its simple concept-to-completion building process, plus the fact it has been designed in New Zealand, by a New Zealand architect, for New Zealand conditions.

Streamlined Process

Designing and building a house is a complex process that needs careful and expert attention throughout its entire timeline. With COOLHOUSE, we have developed a simple, concept-to-completion process that, in conjunction with our preferred group of specialists and contractors, will smooth out your journey to your new home. Our fees are transparent and agreed in advance, and you have the peace of mind of dealing with a single point of contact throughout the building process.

Architecturally Designed

COOLHOUSE has been conceived and designed by one of New Zealand’s most forward-thinking architecture practices – the multi-award winning team at Jessop Architects. Under the leadership of its Principal, Darren Jessop, COOLHOUSE was developed to complement the unique climatic and topographic conditions found here in Aotearoa (New Zealand). Coastal, rural or mountain; subtropical, cool temperate, or severe alpine, there is a COOLHOUSE that will perfectly suit any climate and (almost) any terrain

Modular Design Options

One of the key features that makes COOLHOUSE standout from the competition is its choice of six modular designs – from the 27sqm Mini COOLHOUSE, right up to the 170sqm Master COOLHOUSE. Each design in the COOLHOUSE range can be delivered as an individual, stand-alone dwelling, or configured in groups, to exactly suit your needs, your lifestyle and your site. And because every COOLHOUSE is built to a specific, tried-and-tested design, you can be guaranteed of a high level of quality, workmanship and finishes.

Stylish Interiors

Every COOLHOUSE comes with all the contemporary architectural details you’d expect, having been conceived and designed by one of New Zealand’s most respected architects. High stud ceilings, flush soffits, full-height double-glazed doors and windows, well-planned open-plan interiors, and great indoor-outdoor connections – all fitted out to the highest of standard with European fixtures, fittings and appliances. In addition, the team at COOLHOUSE can help with all your furniture and soft furnishing needs, delivering a one-stop, turnkey solution to your new home.

Energy Efficient

Every effort and available product and technology has been integrated into each COOLHOUSE design to make it as warm and dry and energy efficient as possible. Thermal bridge free construction and a high level of insulation are two key factors.

However, it’s not just about products and materials. Positioning your COOLHOUSE on exactly the right part of your site and orienting it to maximise the sun and minimise the prevailing weather is a huge factor in the efficiency and overall liveability of your new home. Only trained professionals, such as Jessop Architects, have the skill and experience to protect you from the elements, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Safe & Secure

Each COOLHOUSE is built to exceed the NZ Building Standards (NZS.3901) – they have to be to endure the extreme climatic conditions we have here in New Zealand. Whether your site is half way up a mountain, or on an exposed bluff above the ocean, a COOLHOUSE is designed and built, not just to withstand the environment it sits in, but also to enhance your experience of living in it. Solid and lockable external shutters give added security and protection, making a COOLHOUSE the ideal option for a lock-up-and-leave holiday home or bach that’s located in a remote area.

Off-Grid Ready

The remote nature of many of the sites we work on means that normal connections and conditions do not apply. With this in mind, the team at COOLHOUSE have designed each of its modules to be easily adapted to an off-grid living environment – incorporating renewable and environmentally sustainable features, such solar and wind power, battery storage, rainwater harvesting, septic tanks, soak fields, and grey and black water recycling. Whatever your site’s energy or services needs, COOLHOUSE can provide a solution.

Passive Design

Jessop Architects designed and managed the build of the first certified Passive House in Australasia. They have since become New Zealand’s most recognised architects for designing energy efficient, low energy and zero energy homes that are warm, comfortable and aesthetically beautiful. With some of the world’s leading technology in passive design at thier finger tips, Jessops are one of the few design practices in the country that has the ability to design and build homes to this level and efficiency. For more information on passive design, take a look at this explanitory video.

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